(Russian Version) Shungite Reality Book By: Nancy L. Hopkins


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Shungite Reality Book (By: Nancy L. Hopkins) (Russian Version)

Every Shungite Reality Book purchased through our online will include (1) S4 Shungite Sticker (a $10 value) shipped with each book.

Shungite Reality Books purchased through this website will also include a Shungite Bee stamped inside the front cover using our own Shungite Ink! – Your new book will include a positive/loving  Quantum Entanglement with the Shungite Bees themselves! The first three chapters give you a ready reference and overview of Shungite – what is it, how does it work, what will it do for you, where do you get it.

Chapter 1 is an overview of Shungite

Chapter 2 presents customer testimonies

Chapter 3 is over 80 Frequently Asked Questions

Chapter 4 is a deeper look at Enerology and Shungite Science We look at sympathetic resonance and quantum entanglement as science and metaphysical thought.

In the fifth chapter Shungite Bees are discussed. Appendix A is a listing and discussion of the products we have developed. It includes information on Walt’s Shungite-Orgone Energy Devices. Appendix B provides a lists of where you can also participate in learning about and engaging in the Shungite Reality.