Assorted Shungite Nuggets (70 grams)



Assorted Shungite Nuggets (70 grams)

Each baggie of Shungite will contain small/medium nuggets along with chips pieces & often a small amount of Shungite powder. We suggest using the Shungite nuggets for electronics (nugget size does not matter). We recommend our Shungite Water Beads for use in drinking water as the regular Assorted Shungite nuggets can contain small amounts of pyrite, the Shungite Water Beads are inspected for pyrite inclusions.‚Äč

The following are applications of Shungite energy enhancement:

Take 4 inches of duct tape and put 3 nuggets end-to-end on the sticky side. Wrap this in a spiral so the nuggets touch the pipe of either the cold water intake to the hot water heater or on the outside pipe where your main water supply comes into the house. It does not matter if the pipe is PVC, Copper or galvanized. This same procedure can be used on the natural gas pipe coming into your home or taped to the heating oil tank with the nuggets against the metal.

3 nuggets in the toilet tank will aid in keeping toilet bowl clean.

Aid with harmful frequencies: Place a Shungite nugget (size does not matter) on device constantly on a cable box, router, clock radio, smart meter, game systems, etc…

We only use Shungite from the Zazhoginsky mine in the Russian Republic of Karelia. Shungite is a black, shiny, non-crystalline mineraloid consisting of more than 98 weight percent carbon. It was first described from a depot near Shun’ga village, in Karelia, Russia, where it gets its name.

*May contain trace amounts of Pyrite

*Recommended use; plants, electronics, energy devices

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Weight 2.4 oz