Shungite FAQ

Shungite is a black mineral that is primarily composed of carbon. It is found mainly in Russia, in the Karelia region near the Shunga village, which is where it gets its name. Shungite is believed to be over 2 billion years old and is one of the oldest known minerals on Earth. There’s said to be an estimated 35 million tons of Shungite in the mine.

The unique aspect of shungite is that it contains fullerenes, a form of carbon molecule that has a spherical shape. Fullerenes were first discovered in 1985 and are now widely studied for their potential uses in medicine, electronics, and materials science. Shungite is one of the only natural sources of fullerenes (C60 molecule). These carbon-based molecules have strong anti-microbial and antibacterial properties as well as a proven unique ability to act as long-lasting antioxidants. Fullerenes are effective even in very small doses. When used in water fullerenes within Shungite attract, then neutralize contaminants. They are able to normalize cellular metabolism, increase enzyme activity and the stability of a cell, improving overall cell health. Fullerenes identify and neutralize free radicals, preventing cell damage.

Due to its unique properties, Shungite is believed to have several health benefits. Some people use shungite to purify water, as it has been shown to remove harmful substances such as bacteria, heavy metals, and pesticides. It is also believed to have antioxidant properties and can help protect against electromagnetic radiation from electronic devices such as smartphones and wi-fi routers. Shungite does not burn in furnaces. It doesn’t burn, because Shungite carbon has high activity and reactivity. When heated, Shungite does not need to take oxygen from the air. Shungite takes away oxygen from the closest neighbors – silicate minerals, showing “antioxidant” properties in thermal processes.

The long-term effect of shungite in relation to dissolved metals is explained by the fact that metals are converted by Shungite into the form of insoluble carbonates. This is facilitated by the process of oxidation of organic substances to CO2. There is no oxygen in the water of the sanatorium “Marcial Waters” (Republic of Karelia), coming out of the Shungite strata. Shungite as a strong reducing agent absorbs oxygen from water. In the process of chemical interaction with this oxygen, atomic oxygen is formed, which is the strongest oxidizing agent and oxidizes sorbed organic substances to CO2 and H2O and frees the shungite surface for new sorption acts.

Studies of the antioxidant properties of Shungite in relation to organochlorine compounds and free radicals, carried out at Moscow University and the Military Medical Academy, showed that Shungite removes free radicals from water 30 times better than activated carbon and almost completely. Free radicals formed during the treatment of water with chlorine have an extremely negative effect on the human body and are the cause of many serious diseases (cardiovascular, oncological, as well as diabetes, aging pathologies, atherosclerosis). Consumption of free radical particles with drinking water depletes the biochemical mechanisms of the body and contributes to the development of various pathologies.

Question: Can Shungite be placed in your drinking water, and if so which type is recommended?

Answer: Yes, there are several types/forms of Shungite that can be used to enhance/energize/structure your drinking water.

*Note: All Shungite being used in drinking water should be inspected for the mineral pyrite (aka Fool’s Gold) inclusions or veins, if found do not use for drinking water. Pyrite can often grow in the presence of water. Shungite found to contain pyrite on it’s surface can still be used with plants/trees or on electronics.

*Warning: Never use Elite/Noble Shungite in your drinking water. Due to the material makeup of Shungite called Elite or Noble, small sharp chip pieces tend to break off when adding Shungite to the water, or any time the water vessel is moved or agitated in any way. Elite/Noble Shungite also contains a higher percentage of pyrite and quartz than other types of Shungite.

Question: What are the different types of Shungite, and what are their suggested uses?

Answer: There are several types of Shungite, and their uses can vary.

  • Regular Shungite Nuggets: (aka Type III Shungite) Common uses: plants/gardens, drinking water, jewelry, creating energy tools, performing energy work, on electronics. Also recommended for use with beehives (Shungite Beehives).
  • Elite/Noble Shungite Nuggets: (aka Type I Shungite) Common uses: plants/gardens, jewelry, creating energy tools, performing energy work, on electronics. (not recommended for use in drinking water)
  • Cosmic Silver Shungite Nuggets: Common uses: plants/gardens, drinking water, jewelry, creating energy tools, performing energy work, on electronics. (recommended for use with energy workers on humans & animals)
  • Regular Shungite Powder: Common uses: plants/gardens, drinking water, jewelry, creating energy tools, performing energy work, blending into paint, spread in gardens/around plants to remove toxins/poisons. Also used in cement or grout during construction/remodeling. Also recommended for use with beehives (Shungite Beehives) (view Shungite studies)
  • Petrovsky Shungite Nuggets: (aka Type II Shungite) Appears grey in color. Common uses: plants/gardens, carving, gridding, creating energy tools.

Recommendation: The blend of Shungite and silver together generates a much stronger & cohesive energy field than using Shungite alone. Although regular/raw Shungite nuggets can have a positive effect on your personal biofield and electronic devices, we recommend Shungite/silver stickers for use on electronics (Shungite stickers described below). This allows the the Shungite/silver blend to be introduced into the energy field of a device with minimal space, then easily concealed if needed. We recommend our Cosmic Silver Shungite nuggets or jewelry for personal use. (Cosmic Silver Shungite described below)

Question: Does Shungite ever need to be cleared or cleansed energetically?

Answer: No, Shungite does not hold onto energy, it keeps it in a constant state of motion, thus no energy build-up occurs. Shungite needs no energy clearing, it does not need to be placed in the Sun, or buried in the Earth, nor does it require salt/water cleansing. Due to Shungite’s abundance of fullerenes/C60 molecules it’s often recommended as a energy tool to assist with clearing a person’s own biofield/aura as well as other crystals & minerals.

Question: How many pieces, and what size does the Shungite need to be for various electronics, or when used in water?

Answer: When using Shungite for water, it’s not being used as a filter, it’s effecting the water energetically so size isn’t a factor when we’re talking frequency/energy. We recommend the combination of the metal silver and Shungite for use in drinking water (NOT Elite/Noble Shungite). We’ve achieved this with our Shungite Water Beads that are made from Shungite beads & .925 sterling silver wire. Regardless of the size of the water container, Shungite will have a positive effect. A single set of Shungite Water Beads or (3) Shungite nuggets can be used in, a drinking glass, water pitcher, bathtub or even a swimming pool sized container and still effect all of the water energetically.

The same understanding works when using Shungite on electronics, size isn’t the factor. A small chip/piece of Shungite or a larger carved shape can be used on electronic devices. We’ve developed a Shungite sticker for convenience, where we’ve placed a small amount of both silver and Shungite inside of a sticker that can be placed where desired.

Due to every person, environment and device being different, there isn’t a specific number of pieces of Shungite that is necessary in any given situation. As a guide or suggested Shungite usage, we recommend (3) nuggets (or 1 of our other Shungite products i.e. Shungite sticker) be placed either directly on or near each electronic device. Additionally we highly recommend individuals either wear a piece of Shungite jewelry or carry one of the many forms of Shungite in their pocket or other location near their body.

Every day we’re exposed to countless energies/frequencies from not only electronics, but locations, objects and even other people. Having Shungite in our biofield/aura we can greatly assist the movement of these energies that are out of alignment with us both energetically and physically, thus helping us to heal ourselves.

There is no specific set range of effect for Shungite, so each individual can add as much or as little Shungite to their environment until they feel the energy has changed for the better. For those who are less energy sensitive, the suggestion is placing some form (any sized piece) of Shungite on all electronic devices you use, and on your person when ever possible.

Question: Can Shungite help plants & animals?

Answer: Yes, Shungite effects all living things. Animals/plants can benefit from the use of both Shungite water and having Shungite itself added to their environment, in either nugget or powder form. Below are some of the various ways you can use Shungite with both plants and animals.

Shungite/Diatomaceous Earth: Animals & plants (sprinkled on food/skin or placed onto of soil around plant)

Shungite Nuggets: Animals & plants (nuggets in water & and in plants soil)

Shungite Powder: Animals & plants (sprinkled on food/skin or mixed into soil)

Shungite Plant Spikes: Plants/trees/gardens

Shungite Pendant/Tag: Animals

Shungite Honey: Animals (adds probiotics to diet, applied directly to wounds as an antibiotic)

  • Learn more regarding the use of Shungite on plants: click-here

Question: Does Shungite need to be replaced?

Answer: No, not typically, it works with energy or frequency so Shungite continues to work, releasing excess energies it encounters, and does not need recharging of any kind. One circumstance where you would want to replace your Shungite is if you were to find indications of the mineral pyrite on your nuggets. This is only a problem if the Shungite is being used in water.

Shungite used (or Shungite products) for either electronics or in your water, does not need to be replaced after a certain amount of time, it’s working energetically not physically so there is no weakening or degradation of it’s effectiveness. (Shungite/C60 molecules work within the quantum aspects of our reality, not the physical).

When using Shungite in your drinking water, it’s suggested to periodically remove and clean off any biofilm (slippery coating that accumulates on rocks in water), that can accumulated on it’s surface. Depending on your water source, and the time of year (temperature) biofilm can be more or less of an issue. We suggest any Shungite used in drinking water to be cleaned approximately every two weeks (more often if needed). To clean Shungite you can rub it with your fingers under running water, or use a tooth brush on it’s surface. Be careful not to use any soaps or chemicals, residues can be left on Shungite surface.

Question: Shungite is a mineral found in the form of a rock, does modifying it affect it’s energetic qualities?

Answer: No, Shungite can be used either in it’s raw nugget form or ground into a powder, which then can be blended with different metals/crystals/minerals to expand it’s uses.

Metals: Shungite nuggets can be rock tumbled using 99.9% pure silver as the tumbling medium, coating the nuggets or beads with a layer of silver. The addition of silver with Shungite enhances it’s energetic capabilities including assisting with personal energy/healing both physical & energetic. We use our silver/Shungite powder in various products including, but not limited to; Shungite Rubber, Shungite Honey/skin balm, Shungite Resin Animal Totems, Shungite Plant Spikes and many more. View complete list of Shungite products: click -here

Crystals: Shungite not only be used to clear crystals, but when layered together with various metals a person could construct an orgon device (aka Orgonite).

Minerals: Shungite can be blended with other minerals such as Diatomaceous earth or salts and used to energetically enhance both plants & animals. View our Shungite/Diatomaceous earth blend (food-grade) or Shungite Grid Salt (Dead Sea Salt/Shungite powder).

  • There are many other uses for Shungite, we encourage others to get creative and use Shungite as an ingredient of your own, whether it’s energy work, art, building, gardening or something else.

Question: Why don’t the readings/measurements change on my electronics after I add Shungite?

Answer: Shungite doesn’t block energy, it moves energy-fields encouraging them into a constant state of motion where there’s no excess energy build-up; restoring energy-fields & bio-fields to their natural frequency or state of being. Everything living has a natural energy state of being healthy.

This is one of the reasons Shungite is often used to clear or ground, not only humans & animals but also other crystals & minerals.

Question: Ask your own Shungite question below.

Answer: Coming Soon

Shungite Nuggets

As shown in the numerous studies below, Shungite has a beneficial effect with not only water, but also it can be used in it’s raw nugget form. Such as: in gardens, trees, house plants, energy work, building grids (Shungite Grid Map), water structuring, placed on electronics, placed anywhere the energy feels heavy. The uses are nearly endless once you realize all the energetic capabilities Shungite has and understand different ways it can be used or integrated into other products. Also recommended for use with beehives (see: Shungite Beehives).

Cosmic Silver Shungite Nuggets

Cosmic Silver Shungite is what we call our Shungite that has been tumbled in only 99.9% pure silver pieces for 3-days time (several thousand tiny silver bars are used as tumbling medium, over $10k worth of silver). We use a hexagon shaped rock tumbler for our Cosmic Silver Shungite tumbling process, the same shape honeybees store their honey in. The bees didn’t choose the hexagon shape randomly or simply so they could fit more cells on their honeycomb; it’s all about the movement of energy.

The use of the Cosmic Silver Shungite is a powerful approach to wellness that can revolutionize any life. Energy healing is a holistic practice that activates the body’s subtle energy systems to remove blocks. By breaking through these energetic blocks the body’s inherent ability to heal itself is stimulated & enhanced.

We begin with Shungite nuggets, then enhance their energy using 99.9% pure silver. We achieve this by placing the Shungite nuggets into a rock-tumbler with several pounds of certified 99.9% pure silver pieces (no other tumbling medium used) allowing the silver & Shungite to tumble for 3-days. This ensures proper coverage of the Shungite with a silver coating.

Silver/Shungite Water Beads

We’ve taken .925 sterling silver wire & combined it with (3) – 10mm Shungite beads to form a very special frequency healing/structuring water device. (Shungite beads are individually inspected for pyrite inclusions, when found beads are not used for water)

Simply place the Silver & Shungite Water Beads into your (glass, wood or ceramic preferred) drinking container and enjoy the benefits of loving & healing frequencies. When combining the physical healing frequencies of the silver & Shungite together, then adding your own loving intent, you’ll be consuming a loving & living water which will assist you in rebuilding yourself from the inside out.

Silver/Shungite Powder in Resin

Shungite does not loose strength or potency when used or blended in powder form. Due to the limited availability of carved Shungite we’ve chosen to take our unique silver/Shungite powder blend and mix it into a liquid resin (plastic) used for molds, thus achieving a higher level of detail without loss of the energy aspects of Shungite.

Our silver/Shungite resin is used to create many of our Shungite animal totems/figures, energy devices (Shungite magnets) and even used to create key chains & dog/cat tags.

Silver/Shungite Rubber

Shungite does not loose strength or potency when used or blended in powder form. Our Shungite Rubber is created with a special blend of Shungite powder & silver powder added to rubber (non-toxic latex), producing an energy field that has a unique frequency that is extremely compatible with physical healing. Shungite Rubber is flexible but retains it shape, is 100% waterproof & can be hand washable with mild soap. Can be cut into any size to fit your needs. Like all Shungite based energy products, your thoughts are a powerful ingredient in the effectiveness of this Shungite Rubber field. (Available in various shapes/sizes)

Silver/Shungite Magnets

Our Silver/Shungite powder blend, does not loose strength or effectiveness when blended into resins. Our Shungite magnets begin with a rare-earth magnet, which is hardened into a silver/Shungite blended resin. (available in several shapes). Shungite magnets are recommended for use on vehicles, gas lines, large appliances (fridge, washer/dryer, freezer, etc.), really any device that either has a motor, pump or compressor.

  • Do not place Shungite magnets in vehicles engine compartments, due to high temperatures. Avoid placing Shungite magnets where they’ll be in direct sunlight, resin can soften and come loose from the rare-earth magnet that’s been inlayed.
  • Vehicles: Shungite magnets can be placed on the steering column just under the dashboard from the driver seat, or under either seat attached to the metal seat frame. Both of these recommended locations come into contact with the metal frame of the vehicle.
  • Pumps/Compressors/other: Avoid placing near any gauges or meters on the device due to the magnetic effects of the rare-earth magnet contained in the resin.

Shungite/silver powder used in other products:

We use our Shungite/silver powder blend in many of our hand-made (or bee-made) products.

Shungite Stickers

We’ve combined the beneficial ingredients, geometry & energies of all our Shungite stickers together into our Silver Shungite Scalar Sticker.

This newest version in our line-up of Shungite stickers has all the energy effect of our Smart Sticker, although it’s enhanced using Scalar energy waves. This is achieved by placing the stickers between our Scalar energy devices; which moves the orgone energy already present around the Shungite into a more bio-compatible frequency field. (learn more about our Scalar energy device)

Silver Shungite Scalar Stickers can be used in all of the ways our other Shungite stickers are used; i.e.: fuse boxes, power meters, cell phones, computers, wi-fi routers, vehicles or any other electronic device you’d like to lessen the harmful EMF effects. No need to figure out which Shungite sticker to use on which device, we’ve combined the energy effects of them all into our new Silver Shungite Scalar Sticker.

Acknowledgement: Walt Silva owner of New Paradigm Tools was the first to create a Shungite/silver powder blend, (aka S4 powder) which would give others a way of using the unique energy combo of Shungite & silver in other products.

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