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FREE Weekly Remote Scalar Energy Sessions

Each week Mystical Wares will provide a free 12 hour group Scalar Wave energy session, focusing on a different frequency each week (ie: physical healing, immune boosting, chakra boost, energy body healing; and many more).

We’ll place your name on a group list which will be placed within our Scalar Generators frequency field where everyone will benefit from the available frequency(s). You can even add your animal family members to the list, or use your address during sign-up to effect everyone (human or animal) at the given address.

Once you’re signed up there’s nothing to do, simply wait until the specified date/time. We suggest during the session you focus your ‘imagination’ on a perfectly healthy you, or any injury/ailment already being healed!

Check back weekly to see what the next free energy/frequency session will be focusing on!

How it’s done? We preload our ‘Generator X’ frequency generator with the weeks frequency; Rife Frequency Codes. At the specified date/time we’ll start our Scalar Wave device with the Generator X attached, embedding that weeks chosen frequency(s) within the Scalar Wave flowing over the list of names for that week.

Quantum Waves are not limited to physical distance or time, a person’s physical locations does not matter.

Please share our link with friends & family, or on social media so others can benefit from the free weekly Scalar

Sign-up for next weeks Free Scalar Session Here

The focus will be on ‘Micronutrient Supplementation’

Learn more about Scalar Waves here: Scalar Energy Page

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Try listening to both files at once!

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