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FREE Group Scalar Wave Sessions (Remote)
Quantum Waves are not limited to physical distance or time, a person’s physical location does not matter.
Mystical Wares offers free remote Scalar wave sessions every Friday with a different ‘frequency focus’ each week. (ie: immune boost, grounding/earthing, detox & more)

Scalar Wave energy sessions heal using frequency, remotely!

Once you’re signed up there’s nothing else to do, the frequencies will automatically be sent to your biofield at the scheduled time. Enjoy your day as normal, except with the added benefit of the Scalar energy/frequencies.

Participants must sign-up each week. Weekly sign-up is to ensure you only receive the ‘frequencies/energies’ that you want. We do recommend viewing our Scalar Energy page to learn more about how & why Scalar works. (we’ll cycle the frequencies for the week for a full 12 hours during free sessions)
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Our Next Free Scalar session will focus on (Oct 7th)

Overall Wellbeing

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Scalar Wave Sessions

Using Scalar energy to enhance your immune system!
Listen to & feel our Tibetan brass singing bowl!
Listen to & feel our Shungite water fountains energy!

Try listening to both files at once!

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