About Us


About Us

Mystical Wares opened in September 2019

Mystical Wares/Cosmic Reality LLC was founded early 2019 in Washington State. The first and only product available in the beginning was Shungite Honey, and only available for online ordering. Derek having experience in one form or another with not only rocks/crystals/gems but also a background of collecting & mining them, decided the next logical step was to open a polished rock, crystal & Shungite store. Within just a few months what’s become known as Mystical Wares 1.0 was opened in Mount Vernon, WA. During this time Derek being an organic/treatment-free beekeeper decided to see what affect the mineral Shungite would have on some of his beehives. Thus began the ongoing journey of what’s known as the Shungite Beehives.

Only 1 year into the lease of Mystical Wares 1.0, with less than 2000 square feet to work with, Derek began looking for a larger location which didn’t take long. Following synchronicities & breadcrumbs, Mystical Wares 2.0 was found and lease secured within a couple days of viewing. Our current location Mystical Wares 2.0 is only located 2 miles from the original building, but with nearly 8000 square feet to use/share.

Mystical Wares has continued to expand not only products, but what the space has to offer to the community. The Mystical Wares Family is always looking to expand & grow, so stay tuned for what’s next!

Derek Condit – Psychic/Medium/Energy Worker

How Derek perceives energy:

Individuals such as myself are sometimes called ‘seers’. I prefer to describe myself as a ‘frequency perceiver’. With a combination of natural born intuition and many years of self-expansion and training, I’ve learned to perceive our reality through not only my 5 physical senses, but also through my chakras. Thus perceiving our reality from not only the physical reality, but also the metaphysical reality.

Using these expanded understandings and abilities (which we all possess), I can not only see spirit guides, angels and past loved ones, but also communicate with them. With the understanding that time doesn’t truly exist, what are often called ‘past lives’ or ‘concurrent lives’ can also be perceived during a session.

Truly everything is energy and with the knowledge of how to match the frequency of an ‘already healed’ person, you can gain assistance in healing yourself through energy work during a session. Although I am a certified Reiki Master/Teacher, only ‘LOVE’ energy is used during sessions/healings. Not only complete energy body healings, but physical body healings can occur. – Derek

What you can expect during either an in-person or remote session with Derek Condit.

Sessions with Derek tend to feel as if they’re moving very quickly, feel free to use your cellphone to record your session.

Our languages are very limited on how we’re able to communicate and share ‘understandings’ with each other. With that said, the terms below will give you a general understanding of what you will have available during a session with Derek.

  • Psychic/Intuitive Questions & Answers
  • Mediumship (communication with Spirit Guides, Angels, Loved Ones, Nature Spirits, Galactics & others)
  • Energy/Physical Healing (using frequency/energy to help you heal yourself, both physically & energetically)
  • Chakra or Energy Center Boosts & Activations
  • Medical Intuition (insight regarding either current or potential physical issues, most can be healed energetically)
  • Remote Energy Perceiving (receive intuitive insight regarding past, current or future events. Since time doesn’t truly exist, we’re not limited to it’s restraints.)
  • Animal Communication (spiritual/telepathic communication with animals)

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2019 & 2023 Mystical Wares Store Entrance

Mystical Wares Store 1.0 from 2019