About Us

Derek & Maureen Condit along with their daughter Olivia, opened Mystical Wares in September of 2019 with the desire to assist others in their quest for higher knowledge & spiritual advancement. Julissa Helms became part of the Mystical Wares family at the very beginning of the stores opening in 2019. Then together they've expanded Mystical Wares into the metaphysical center it's become!

Sessions with Derek Condit

Explanation of how Derek perceives energy:

Individuals such as myself are sometimes called ‘seers’. I prefer to describe myself as a ‘frequency perceiver’. With a combination of natural born intuition, along with many years of self-expansion and training, I’ve learned to perceive our reality through not only my 5 physical senses, but also through my chakras. Thus perceiving our reality from not only the physical reality, but also the metaphysical reality.

Using these expanded understandings and abilities (which we all possess), I can not only see spirit guides, angels and past loved ones, but also communicate with them. With the understanding that time doesn’t truly exist, what are often called ‘past lives’ or ‘concurrent lives’ can also be perceived during a session.

Truly, everything is energy, and with the knowledge of how to match the frequency of an ‘already healed’ person, you can gain assistance in healing yourself through energy work during a session. Although I am a certified Reiki Master/Teacher, only ‘LOVE’ energy is used during healings. Love of course being the strongest energy (0.1 Hz frequency range). Not only complete energy body healings, but physical body healings can occur. ” – Derek

2019 & 2022 Mystical Wares store entrance comparison