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Derek Condit – Intuitive/Energy worker

How Derek perceives energy:

Individuals such as myself are sometimes called ‘seers’. I prefer to describe myself as a frequency perceiver. With a combination of natural born intuition and many years of self-expansion and training, I’ve learned to perceive our reality through not only my 5 physical senses, but also through my chakras (metaphysical senses). Thus perceiving our reality from not only the physical reality, but also the metaphysical reality.

Using these expanded understandings and abilities (which we all possess), I can not only see spirit guides, angels and past loved ones, but also communicate with them. With the understanding that time doesn’t truly exist, what are often called past lives, which I like to call concurrent lives can also be perceived during a session. – Derek

Short history:

Beginning in 1991 Derek spent 4 years in the U.S. Army serving as an Armor Crewman (M1A1 Abrams tank), beginning at Fort Knox, Kentucky. He then transferred to Mannheim, Germany for several years and finished his tour at Fort Lewis/McCord Base, in Washington state. After his military service, Derek attended the Divers Institute of Technology in Seattle, WA where he became a certified Commercial Deep Sea Diver (salvage/ROV pilot/welder/hazmat certified). He relocated to the Gulf of Mexico where he’d spend the next several years diving off deep sea oil rigs, or in the bayous of Louisiana.

In 2003 Derek next became a Washington State Correctional Officer (prison guard), with the Washington State Department of Corrections; holding several posts at the Monroe Correctional Complex located in Monroe, WA (minimum thru maximum security prison). During this time Derek had become a treatment-free beekeeper. After experiencing the miraculous energy aspects of the mineral Shungite, he introduced it to his beehives, stopping his beehives cases of CCD (colony collapse disorder), and beginning what was to become the Shungite beehives. At the age of 48, he would retire from working in the prison system after 16 years, making a complete 180 degree turn; and begin his life yet again building Mystical Wares store and exploring the 90% of our reality called the metaphysical.

What you can expect during a session with Derek.

Sessions with Derek tend to feel as if they’re moving very quickly, feel free to use your cellphone/Zoom to record your session.

Our languages are very limited on how we’re able to communicate and share understandings with each other. With that said, the terms below will give you a general understanding of what you will have available during a session with Derek.

  • Psychic/intuitive – Questions & Answers
  • Mediumship (communication with spirit guides, angels, loved ones, nature spirits, galactics & others)
  • Energy & physical healing (using frequency/energy to help you heal yourself, both physically & energetically)
  • Chakra/energy center clearing & activations
  • Medical intuition (insight regarding either current or potential physical issues, most can be healed energetically)
  • Remote energy perceiving (receive intuitive insight regarding past, current or future events. Since time doesn’t truly exist, we’re not limited to it’s restraints.)
  • Animal communication (spiritual/telepathic communication with animals)

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