Shungite Grid Project

What is the Shungite Grid Project?

Everything is energy, and the energy in our environment affects each and every one of us, regardless of our awareness level. Excess/heavy energies (energy out of alignment with ourselves) can build-up both in our environment and within ourselves. The mineral Shungite has a strong effect in helping to remove or disperse excess energy. It also helps environments and people to ‘earth or ground’, thus allowing space and time for healing.

Derek began gifting the mineral Shungite into nature in early 2016 throughout the Cascade Mountains of Washington State. The Shungite gifting didn’t stop there, now thousands of people worldwide are contributing to the Shungite Grid, helping energize and release excess energies from our environment.

To help expand this healing grid we’re building around the globe, you simply have to have a piece of Shungite yourself, or gift one into nature such as in forests, parks, water ways or anywhere else you feel could use more love, healing, and energy.

The images/links below can help you to expand your understanding of the mineral Shungite, and how it’s being used in so many beneficial ways all over the planet.

It’s important to approach the topic of perceiving subtle energies with an open mind. People’s experiences with subtle energies can vary widely, and interpretations may be influenced by cultural, psychological, and social factors. Perceiving metaphysical or subtle energies is a concept often associated with various spiritual and alternative practices, although these subtle energies have been measured with strict scientific scrutiny. While these experiences are subjective, exploring these ‘energies’ can help you to further expand your understanding of the metaphysical aspects of our reality, thus enhancing your own intuitive/ESP/psychic senses. Subtle energies are real, these are the energies/frequencies we work with when expanding the Shungite grid.

Below are links to the U.S. CIA’s own website, where they’ve worked successfully with ESP & Remote Viewing experiments; which all use the same subtle energies we’re discussing. Document #1, Document #2, Document #3,

Help expand the Shungite Grid

Use the form below to request a Free Shungite Nugget be gifted into nature on yours or another’s behalf! Every month Derek will gift the Shungite into nature recording/uploading when possible some of the gifting locations.

Each month you can sign-up for our free Shungite gifting program. On the 1st of each month, Derek will take a bag of Shungite nuggets along with the list of names/sign-ups for that month and gift the nuggets into various places in nature on your behalf.

When viewing the links below, the colored points are places where someone has placed their own point on the ever-expanding public Shungite Grid Map. Please add your own location if you already own a piece of Shungite. If you’d like Mystical Wares to gift a piece of Shungite into nature on yours or another’s behalf, feel free to sign-up each month for our Free Shungite Nugget Gifting Program here.

Would you like us to place your point on the Shungite Grid map for you?