Silver Shungite Scalar Sticker (1 Laminated Sticker)


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Silver Shungite Scalar Sticker (1 Laminated Sticker)

Laminated Sticker Size: 2″ x 1.5″

We’ve combined the beneficial ingredients, geometry & energies of all our Shungite stickers together into our Silver Shungite Scalar Sticker.

This newest version in our line-up of Shungite stickers has all the ‘energy’ of our Smart Sticker, although it’s enhanced using Scalar energy waves. This is achieved by placing the stickers between our Scalar energy devices; which moves the orgone energy already present around the Shungite into a more bio-compatible frequency field. (learn more about our Scalar energy device)

The result being a ‘boosted energy-field’ around the Silver Shungite Scalar Sticker, into a more bio-compatible wave form.

Silver Shungite Scalar Stickers can be used in any & all of the ways our other Shungite Stickers are used; ie: fuse boxes, power meters, cell phones, computers, wifi routers, vehicles or any other electronic device you’d like to lessen the harmful EMF effects.



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