Shungite Nugget & Powder Pack



Shungite Nugget & Powder Pack

For more information on Shungite and it’s many uses, check out our Shungite FAQ

Pack includes:

  • 1 Bag of Assorted Shungite Nuggets
  • 1 Bag of Granular Shungite Powder
  • 1 Bag of Fine Shungite Powder


Each baggie of Shungite Nuggets will contain both small & medium nuggets along with chips pieces. We suggest using the Shungite nuggets for electronics (nugget size does not matter). We recommend our Shungite Water Beads for use in drinking water, where the regular Shungite nuggets can contain small amounts of pyrite, the Shungite Water Beads are inspected for pyrite inclusions.​

Granular Powder:

  • Add to plants, trees & gardens to boost their growth
  • Removes harmful toxins, radiation & chemicals from the soil (more info on our Shungite FAQ/Research page)
  • Use with energy devices, such as orgone devices (aka orgonite)
  • Use with various crafts, ie: putty, clays, concrete molds, rubber, silicone and more
  • Blend into new grout, concrete or home foundations
  • Use as an ingredient in bath products, shampoo, lotion, soaps, etc.
  • Use with Shungite Beehives

Fine Powder:

Uses are similar to Granular Powder, though due to it’s much finer particle size, we recommend Fine Powder for use in paints/inks above Granular powder. 

Additional information

Weight 6.0 oz