Shungite and Silver S4 Powder (15 Grams)


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Shungite and Silver S4 Powder (15 Grams/1 Bag)

“S4″ Shungite is Shungite powder saturated with 99.9% pure Silver. We consider S4 Shungite Powder much more powerful form of Shungite.

The pure 99.9% pure Silver enhances the connection to the quantum field.

The addition of the Silver creates a healing environment/frequency for your body by becoming bio-compatible with the Earth’s natural electromagnetic field allowing your body to heal itself.

Suggested uses:

  • Add to plants, trees & gardens to boost their growth
  • Removes harmful toxins, radiation & chemicals from the soil (more info on our Shungite FAQ/Research page)
  • Use with energy devices, such as orgone devices (aka orgonite) Use with various crafts, ie: putty, clays, concrete molds, rubber, silicone and more
  • Mix into paint/primer (assists with harmful EMF energy/frequencies)
  • Blend into new grout, concrete or home foundations
  • Use as an ingredient in bath products, shampoo, lotion, soaps, etc.
  • Use with Shungite Beehives

*We only use Shungite from the Zazhoginsky mine in the Russian Republic of Karelia

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