Shungite & Silver Resin Bowl – Small


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Shungite & Silver Resin Bowl – Small

This bowl is approximately 2in. across and 1.25in. tall

It has a depth of 1in.

The Shungite & Silver can be used just as you would a regular piece of Shungite (not to be used in water).

We use our (Silver enhanced) Shungite powder to bring together the healing Silver/Shungite energy field. These bowls can be used to place various crystals or items to clear/ground them. Bowls are good to place medications in to bring them into alignment. Shungite Resin Items (various shapes available) are made from blending 100% pure Karelian Shungite powder with 99.9% pure silver particles. Next we take the enhanced Silver Shungite Powder blend and mix it with a plastic resin, which is then poured into the various shapes/molds.

*Will NOT pass the ‘Flashlight Test’