Turritella – Tumbled


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Turritella – Tumbled (1 piece)

Stones can and will be different than the stones pictured. The stones in the picture are examples of what to expect. Size, color, and pattern will differ between each individual stone. When you order, each stone is hand-picked for our best quality specimen.

Turritella increases our connection to the natural world, especially to the Earth’s smaller animals, as well as plants. It helps us to recognize that all beings, from the enormous to the infinitesimal, are worthy of our respect and attention. Turritella helps us to be better caretakers of the planet and to understand how each species contributes to the well being of others. Turritella is used by metaphysical healers to combat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It is also said to be very soothing to the stomach and digestive tract, and to help the body absorb all necessary nutrients. In addition, Turritella is believed to help us understand our habits and beliefs surrounding food and our emotional environment, and to start making new and healthier choices. It is also said to be very good for treating conditions associated with the feet or legs.

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