Shark Tooth


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Shark Tooth (1 piece)

Stones can and will be different than the stones pictured. The stones in the picture are examples of what to expect.

Size, color, and pattern will differ between each individual stone. When you order, each stone is hand-picked for our best quality specimen.

Sharks are continuously loosing and replacing their teeth over their life span and as a result of this Shark Teeth are a commonly found Fossils. A shark tooth when it falls out will usually have to fall into a sedimentary layer in order to fossilize and the fossilization process will take a minimum of 10,000 years. The most common Shark teeth come from the Upper Cretaceous and Tertiary periods. Shark Tooth Fossils are a very protective stone and help to bring through strength and determination in all that you do. They allow you to take control of any situation and be the ‘Alpha’ while working harmoniously for the good of the entire group. They hold a very strong link to the past and allow you to draw on and access ancient information as needed to be a better vision of you.

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