Diamond Quartz Jar



Diamond Quartz Jar

Approximately 1.5″ tall, 0.75″ across

Also known as Pakimer Diamonds. These are very similar to Herkimer Diamonds. Herkimer Diamonds are Diamond Quartz from Herkimer New York, whereas Pakimer Diamonds come out of Pakistan. These beauties are found in an area that was once beneath the sea! Pakimer Diamonds offer a high vibrational energy, emitting the purest and brightest light, and they are considered to have the highest vibration of all Quartz in the world. They are naturally double-terminated-perfect for sending and receiving energy. Cleanse your aura, manifest and purify your spiritual light, and achieve enlightenment! Known as the Stone of Attunement, Pakimer Diamonds are perfect for healers.

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Weight 0.6 oz