Apatite Bracelet


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Apatite Bracelet

This bracelet is available in the Rock Chip bead size.

Physical Properties Of Apatite

The Greeks were the first to recognize the chameleon-like qualities of Apatite and its ability to resemble other crystals such as Peridot. The Apatite crystal stone meaning comes from the Greek word “to deceive,” owing its name to its unique properties. A combination of different levels of fluorine, chlorine, and hydroxide, the Apatite crystal ranges in color from deep blue-green to green to yellow and sometimes pink or violet. The Apatite crystal contains the same elements that make up our tooth enamel, making it an excellent healing aide for dental issues and mending broken bones.

Metaphysical Properties Of Apatite

Also called the Stone of Manifestation. Apatite promotes a humanitarian attitude, inclining towards service. It balances the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies, and the chakras, eliminating over-activity and stimulating under-activity.

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