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You Are Water Class (First Blog Post)

You Are Water Free Class

This is my first ‘Everything Is Energy Blog’ post, and since I was sitting here working on a new class I’m putting together, ‘You Are Water’, I thought I’d mention it here. I’m doing a blog post regarding the class because of all the good information and links I’ll be adding in the upcoming edits to this post. (if you check back you’ll see occasional edits & updates)

Description of the class is below. (This class will be repeated every couple months each year for those who miss previous dates)

During this free class Derek will not only discuss the physical aspects of water, but also the often much more interesting aspects of it from the metaphysical perspective.

Aspects of water we’ll explore:

– How to program your water & why it might be a good idea
– What a distiller is. (we’ll distil essential oils during class)
– How to make essential oils, extracts, floral water Hydrosols
– What is Reverse Osmosis? What is Ozone water?
– What is U/V treated drinking water & why?
and much more!

We’ll also discuss why understanding your water is a energy/frequency container, and why it’s important to use a clean container (water molecule).

Extended description coming soon!

Mount Vernon, WA drinking water under a microscope