UFOs and the Extraterrestrial Message




Through cosmic communication, learn how these mysterious beings may hold the key to our spiritual evolution.

UFOs and the Extraterrestrial Message reveals how UFOs are much more than strange shapes in the sky; they may be part of a multi-dimensional universe, which has become a common concept in everything from quantum physics to sci-fi blockbusters. String theory, hyperspace, and dark matter have led physicists to realize that the three dimensions we thought described the universe aren’t enough—there may actually be numerous dimensions. As this possibility evolves, the real prospect of meeting our extraterrestrial neighbors emerges. From ancient texts to little-known eyewitness accounts, Richard explores the evidence of extraterrestrial life. He also looks at X-file exposés, fascinating personal experiences of alien contact, channeled messages from cosmic beings—and shows how these messages hold the key to our spiritual advancement and even to world peace.

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