Silver Shungite Scalar Honey


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Silver Shungite Scalar Honey

4 oz. volume

Ingredients: Organic Raw Honey, Silver/Shungite Powder

We begin with organic raw honey then blend a small amount of Silver/Shungite fine powder into it. It’s then enhanced with LOVE and the frequency of Cosmic Silver Shungite using Scalar energy waves. (the frequencies are added via our Scalar wave generator)

Cosmic Silver Shungite is what we call our Shungite nuggets or powder that has been placed within a hexagon rock tumbler for 3 days; using only 99.9% pure silver pieces as the tumbling medium. This process not only energetically enhances the Shungite, but adds what can be called a ‘bio-compatible frequency’ layer to the Shungite nuggets/powder.

Next we adhere one of our Silver Shungite Scalar Stickers to the lid of jar, ensuring the honey has no loss of energy/frequency during transportation. With the addition of the Silver Shungite Scalar Sticker to the lid your jar can be used as a type of energy device/container after the honey is used.

Suggested uses for Scalar jar:

  • Store vitamins or Rx prescriptions, have them enhanced with the available Silver/Shungite Scalar frequency embedded within the sticker.
  • Refill with local organic honey to have it enhanced within the Silver/Shungite field.
  • Fill with ingredients you may use daily, ie: sugar, salt, lotions, shampoos, etc..

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Weight 10.7 oz

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