Silver Shungite Copper C60 Pendant



Silver Shungite Copper C60 Pendant

  • Pendants will be approximately 1 inch diameter

Pendants begin as a 3D file, which is then 3D resin printed by Derek at the Mystical Wares Store, located in Mount Vernon, WA. Next pendants are coated with a unique blend of paint, consisting of graphite paint, silver particles & Shungite powder. This highly energetic paint forms the layer which the copper electroplating adheres to.

Once the copper plating process is complete (appx 24hr process), pendants will then be energetically infused with the Silver/Shungite frequency again using our in-house Scalar energy device.

Pendants will have a small copper jump ring attached to them, with an adjustable 22 inch black cord necklace.

Each pendants is unique; and may contain slight flaws or imperfections or even have small lumps under the copper where at times particles of Silver/Shungite powder can accumulate during the copper plating process. These visual imperfections in no way effect the over all energy device.


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