Shungite Skull – D100


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Shungite Skull – D100

When ordered you will receive the exact specimen shown

This skull stands approximately 3″ tall and 2.5″ across the face.

Face to back of head measures 4″

The small specks of ‘gold’ color on the skull are inclusions of Pyrite within the stone.

Natural scuffs, discoloration, and inclusions are common as this is a natural substance.

Shungite has been known as a highly powerful grounding, anti-anxiety, healing, and detoxification stone. It only comes from one place, Karelia, Russia. It is actually a meteorite.

Shungite has also been used in water purification and EMF-protection due to it’s high carbon content.

For more information on Shungite and it’s many uses, check out our Shungite FAQ:

Shungite FAQ


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