Silver/Shungite Liquid Rubber



Silver/Shungite Liquid Rubber (1.5oz)

Silver/Shungite liquid rubber gives you the ability to use Silver/Shungite in wet environments or outside without it washing or fading away as Shungite Paint can. When used allow appx 24 hours for the rubber to cure before use. Stays in a liquid state, does NOT dry out during storage.

Suggested Uses:

  • Place a drop on outside electronics or appliances (as close to where the power cords enter the device as possible)
  • Used on lawnmowers, weed eaters, outdoor tools
  • Swimming pool & Jacuzzi pumps
  • Place on home or business water inlets, or other utility pipes/boxes
  • Dip your own tools, energy devices or other items into it for easy Silver/Shungite application


Additional information

Weight 2 oz