Shungite Powder Plant Spikes (6)


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Shungite Powder Plant Spikes (6 spikes included)

Mystical Wares Shungite Powder Plant Spikes are made from 100% authentic Shungite powder from Karelia, Russia. The Shungite powder is placed in a 100% biodegradable paper straw that turns into soil, not waste. Spikes are sealed at each end using organic beeswax.

Studies have shown the positive effects Shungite can have on plants, trees, vegetable gardens & fruit trees (view studies). The International Journal of Innovative Research in Technology (view study) performed a study showing the validity of positive words affecting plants, the word does not have to be spoken to have an effect, it can be in written form, the frequency/energy can have the same effect. We’ve included the wooden LOVE hearts to perpetuate the frequency of LOVE while the plant both energetically and physically benefits from the addition of Shungite powder. Depending on how wet the soil is kept, you’ll see substantial plant growth/health in a very short amount of time.


  1. (6) Shungite Powder Plant Spikes
  2. (6) small wood LOVE hearts (laser etched text, no paint used)
  3. (1) small nail


  1. Make approximately a (3) inch deep hole, (2 – 3) inches from the base of a plants stalk or trees trunk. (use your finger or pencil/pen for appx hole width)
  2. Place Shungite spike into hole, cover with dirt completely. (It’s alright to leave the tip of the spike poking out of the soil to indicate it’s location)
  3. Water soil around the Shungite spike to begin the breakdown of the straw, slowly releasing the Shungite powder into nearby soil.
  4. After watering, place wooden LOVE heart on top of or near the Shungite spikes location.
  • We recommend speeding up the release of powder into the soil, by soaking spikes in water for (1 – 2) days before use. Next, poke (6 or more) small holes into the straw, allowing powder to be released more quickly. (after soaking the spike in water, the nail should be able to be pushed through by hand)
  • Shungite spikes can be used on any plant, shrub or tree. (can be used on seeds, starts or adult plants)
  • Safe for use in gardens & fruit trees.
  • (1) spike lasts approximately (6) months.
  • Most house plants or garden plants require only (1) stick, larger shrubs & trees can require (2) or more.
  • Shungite Powder Plant Spikes are individually hand-made, slight variations in length can occur.