Shungite Orgone Device (Orgonite)



Shungite Orgone Device (Orgonite)

This device has also been called a ‘cloud buster’, or ‘orgonite device’. The copper pipe (covered in Shungite Rubber) not only can be used to effect the environments orgone energy, but also an ‘intention’ can be written on a small piece of paper then placed within the copper pipe to assist with ‘manifesting’ what ever is written or intended on the paper.

We coat the copper pipe with our special Silver/Shungite powder rubber blend to not only help with energy (orgone energy) movement, but to also coat the sometimes sharp edges on the copper pipe.

Made with:

  • Shungite powder blended with 99.9% pure silver particles in a non-toxic resin
  • Copper Pipe
  • Copper filings/pieces
  • Clear Quartz Chips
  • Tigers Eye Chips
  • Gold & Silver Leaf
  • Rose Quartz Crystal Powder
  • Wood Love Heart


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