Red River Jasper Freeform


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Red River Jasper Freeform – R111

When ordered you will receive the exact specimen shown.

This one-of-a-kind freeform weighs 9.8 oz., 3.5″ tall and 2.25″ wide.

Red river jasper is a strong protection stone. It is known to protect the fear from the night and the bad dreams. It is a stone of empowerment and brings courage at the time of need. It also sustains one in the process of healing to recover from traumas. Red River Jasper absorbs negative energy of the body and releases positive aura within the environment. It removes the circulatory problems and heals the problem of low red blood corpuscles or anemia. It Red River Jasper bead is placed under the pillow while sleeping it can help to get out of the fear while sleeping. It is particularly used as a gem elixir. This is a stone of detoxifying the circulatory system and refines the blood of the system.

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Weight 9.8 oz