Pink Opal Bracelet


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Pink Opal Bracelet

This bracelet is available in the 6mm bead size

Physical Properties of Pink Opal

Pink opal is found in Peru and Mexico. It is translucent to opaque and comes in brownish pink to pure pink. Pink opal is a combination of opal grains in chalcedony and cristobalite. The chalcedony makes the material slightly more durable and it typically has a Mohs hardness of 5-5.5 but can be up to 6.

Metaphysical Properties of Pink Opal

Pink Opal helps to balance your own emotions so you can approach someone in need with a calm and centered demeanor. This stone opens your heart to feeling what others feel, without judgment. It lends an attitude of compassion and love that helps you find common ground with everyone you encounter.

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