Organic Beeswax Orgone Energy Device (re-programmable)


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Organic Beeswax Orgone Energy Device (re-programmable)

Orgone or Orgonite devices are one of many ways you can affect the available orgone energy in an environment, either your own or a remote location. This device has also been called a ‘cloud buster’, or ‘orgonite device’. The copper pipe not only can be used to effect the environments orgone energy, but also an ‘intention’ can be written on a small piece of paper then placed within the copper pipe to assist with ‘manifesting’ what ever is written or intended on the paper. Only a small portion of the intention/note needs to be inside the copper pipe, not the entire piece of paper.

Note: To turn the energy device ‘OFF’ simply screw the lid on. Not all ingredients are visible, some may be covered by beeswax.


  • Organic Beeswax
  • Copper Pieces
  • Shungite Nuggets
  • Pink Himalayan Salt
  • Wooden “LOVE” Heart
  • Clear Quartz Crystal Chips
  • Petrified Wood Chips
  • Palo Santo Chips/Powder
  • Copper Pipe

(Depending on your local environmental conditions such as heat or humidity, small cracks can sometimes appear on the top beeswax layer. This in no way affects or limits the energy device. To remove any cracks that appear or the copper pipe comes loose, simply apply a hairdryer to the top of the device until the beeswax begins to melt/cracks seal.)

More Details Coming Soon!

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