Orchid Calcite Chunk


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Orchid Calcite Chunk

When ordered you will receive the exact specimen shown

This specimen weighs 4.5 oz.

It is 2.5″ long

Orchid calcite is a good stone to use when doing shamanic journeywork. It’s a gentle guide to the inner workings of the emotional body through spiritual means. Keep this stone nearby to improve the quality of rebirthing, Reiki, emotional freedom technique, and other spiritually aligned healing modalities. Orchid calcite entices you to use your creativity, which encourages action and play and fosters a fertile life. When you are fertile with ideas, the orange vibration will catapult you into taking the action required to bring your ideas to fruition. Orchid calcite helps you process feelings that have been stored in your consciousness for a long time. The gentle orange vibration of calcite helps you release stuck emotions with a gentle push. This is the perfect stone to install positive thought forms, or mental energy, in the emotional body immediately after an emotional release. Use this stone to increase your self-esteem. It is especially helpful when you are learning to set boundaries with others. This stone is good for self-nurturing. Orchid calcite supports the positive effects of spinal-cord alignments and is the perfect stone for chiropractors and body workers, both for self-care and for knowing how best to serve their clients. This stone also helps to ease the aches and pains of arthritis and muscular tension. It is also a fertility stone. It is beneficial for positive thinking while preparing for conscious conception. Use it support your reproductive system, large intestines, kidneys, bladder, and mammary glands.