Inner Expansion Online Class w/Derek Condit


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Inner Expansion Class

3 Hour Online Live Video Class with Q&A/Chatroom

Includes a 30min private remote session w/Derek Condit (scheduled for a later date, you’ll be contacted to schedule date/time)

Also includes a $25.00 value Energy Toolkit: (includes Shungite Oval/Palm Stone w/Love & Healed laser etched on either side, clear quartz crystal cluster & organic Cedar hydrosol)

This class isn’t for everyone… it’s not about releasing secrets or sharing meditations that will help you become a master psychic, what ever that is. What you will learn or remember is that what are often called ‘abilities’ are already available to you, it’s just the ‘understandings’ that sometimes we can use assistance with.

Some topics we’ll explore:

  • Are we able to expand past the 3D matrix on our own, and if so how?
  • Are we limited to 7 chakras or energy centers, if not then how do we access more?
  • What the difference is between a Dimension and a Density, and why it matters to understand the difference.
  • Are ‘energy attachments’ forever, and if not how can we affect them from this 3D perspective?
  • Is our ‘imagination’ real, then if so how do we enhance it to help us manifest in our current existence?
  • Many more topics will also be covered!


Date/Time of online class: Sunday, February 26, 2023

@ 3:00 – 6:00pm PST


Additional information

Class w/no session or energy toolkit

Choose this option if you only want to attend the online class, but not receive the 30min remote session or energy toolkit.

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