Infinite Love Resin Shungite Orgonite Device



(1) Heart Shaped Resin Orgone Energy Device

Size: 1.75 inches across – .5 inch thick (appx)


  • Resin
  • Silver Love Infinity Charm
  • Rose Bud
  • Shungite & Silver Powder
  • Rose Quartz Powder
  • Copper Filings

Orgone devices are popular as a spiritual healing tool & as protection from EMF pollution (Electromagnetic Frequencies). Orgone devices are often called “subtle energy tools”, which interact with and can attenuate the orgone, or life energy fields into a more harmonious form. These energies are also called Ch’i, Prana or Aether, these vital energies are essential to healthy life.

* Shungite Orgone Devices can have a strong effect on people & their environments.

* Each piece will vary in appearance

* Rose Quartz is opaque and not clearly visible

* Both the Shungite Silver Powder and Rose Quartz Powder are at the base of the Rose Bud

* All are infused with LOVE

Additional information

Weight 0.6 oz