Energy/Aura Healing Pouch


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Energy/Aura Healing Pouch

This tiny but powerful energy device will help you to restore & recharge your personal energy body/aura field, which will then allow you to heal yourself!

Be your own Energy Healer right from your own home.This is considered a frequency energy device which means size or volume don’t matter, it’s all about frequency, so the smallest amount of any ingredient is sufficient.

(Ex: You don’t need a large radio to hear music)

Each pouch contains:

  • Drawstring pouch
  • Shungite Nugget (clears/removes excess energy/clears salts for continual use)
  • 99.9% pure Silver bar (.5 grams) (adds a physical healing frequency)
  • Pink Himalayan Sea salt (gathers/collects excess energy)
  • White sage (displaces heavy energies/adds a anti-bacterial frequency to energy field)

Simply keep the Energy/Aura Healing Pouch on your body or close to it (in a purse or backpack is fine), so long as it remains within your personal aura field you’ll benefit from the frequencies/energies it contains. The various ingredients don’t need to be mixed, they can be left in their individual baggies then placed together into the larger drawstring pouch.This is an energy/frequency device, which means it will last a life time with no need to be replaced or recharged. Ensure you tie the pull-strings of the pouch together at least a couple of times, pouches will tend to untie/open otherwise.Pouch can also be placed under pet beds, or inside of a pillow case for nighttime use.