4oz. Organic Palo Santo Water/Hydrosol



This isn’t just any Palo Santo water, it’s the most energetically cleansed Palo Santo water available (down to the molecule level). These types of ‘energy water’ are also called Hydrosols or Floral Water. They can be used as a more natural/safe replacement for burning incense, sage, Palo Santo wood & others. The now energy charged & scented water (scent comes from the distillation process, nothing artificial added), can be used to clear excess or heavy energy from spaces, items, yourself or anywhere else you feel an energy build-up or needs clearing.

Our organic waters/hydrosols are made at our Mystical Wares location in Mount Vernon, WA. Derek Condit personally distills the various energy waters paying attention to every step of the process to ensure only the best & most energetically charged waters are produced. Derek is very aware of how important the actual water molecules are to the entire process, they are what you can call the ‘energy or frequency container’ being used to carry or hold the intended frequency/feeling/intention used with each of our types of water. Mystical Wares Waters/Hydrosols can contain a small amount of natural oil left over from the distillation process. There are no additives, any scents, color or oils are 100% natural and result from the distilled product itself. (Shake Well Before Use)

Suggested Uses:

  • Incense Replacement (avoid toxic/harmful particles that are released during burning)
  • Perfume/Cologne Replacement (can be sprayed on clothing without damaging)
  • Room Scent (spray on furniture to enhance with a natural scent)
  • Scented Candle Replacement (similar to incense, many scented candles contain toxic/harmful additives released during burning)
  • Spray Pet Beds/Kennels (100% non-toxic so it can be used on pet beds/clothing/kennels or other places your furry family members hangout)
  • Smudging Replacement (clear any heavy/excess energy from your environment without adding toxins to the space)

Listed below are the various steps Derek takes to ensure only the best water is used:

  • Start using Shungite Water (Shungite Water Beads are placed in potable/drinking water) We use a 5 gallon glass water jug and let the water sit for 3 days to help align/charge/structure the water by removing any excess energy using the Shungite/Silver combination we call our Shungite Water Beads made using only Shungite and 99.9% pure silver wire.
  • The Shungite Water is then processed through a Reverse Osmosis Filtration System, then a Carbon Fiber/Filter System followed by being U/V light treated before being placed back into a 5 gallon glass water jug. (removing 99.9% of particles and killing any bacteria or virus’)
  • Using only this now physically & energetically clean water, we distill/the various types of water through the intended frequency, i.e. Cedar Tree, Palo Santo Wood, Rose Petals, Lavender and more. (which picks up the scent in the distillation process)
  • All our waters/hydrosols are made using only organic ingredients & include the water structuring/filtration process described above.