Practitioner Room Rental

Now Available at Mystical Wares: Practitioner Room Rentals!

We are now offering daily rentals of our fully furnished office space that comes with massage table available for use.

This space is recommended for Reiki/energy Workers, Tarot/Oracle Readers, Massage therapists, Psychic Readings, and so much more! Curious if this rental might be right for you? Email us at to see if it would work for you!

Mystical Wares Practitioner Room Guidelines:

-Rental is from 11am – 5pm, for $120

-Please clean up after yourself. Our employees will vacuum after your use but please be cautious in making messes/using materials that might stain/scratch/or damage furniture or room.

-This is for pre-scheduled sessions only. Mystical Wares does not advertise, coordinate, or allow walk-in sessions to the Practitioner Room. We highly suggest creating a scheduled list of sessions for the day of your rental and directing them to meet you in the practitioner space at Mystical Wares store.

-While the office is private and can be sealed off from view, the sound in the building does tend to carry quite a bit. We cannot guarantee silence as we do get busy and there is customers shopping outside the space. We ask practitioners to use caution when playing loud instruments, drums, or song in the office space.

-We do not allow the burning of sage or other incense in the office space as it is a fire hazard in such a small space. We do smudge the entire building very often.

-There is not access to a fridge or microwave for practitioners, so please pack food accordingly. We ask you please refrain from bringing overly scented foods/beverages as it can permeate in the retail space and can be an irritant to some customers.

If you’re interested in renting our the Practitioner Room, please follow this link: