Video Aura Session

See the color of your energy body & how it can change in real-time using your own thoughts & feelings!

Sessions include use of an advanced bio-feedback device to assist with aura accuracy.

What’s an Aura?

An aura or human energy field (also know as Chi, Prana or Orgone) is a colored emanation which encloses a human body or any animal or object. The aura is described as a subtle body or energy body.

Your aura’s color can & will vary depending on the state(s) of your various bodies, (physical, energy & emotional body). The combination of these energies are often referred to as our aura.

When a person or animal is connected to bio-feedback equipment, a representation of their individual aura can be displayed over live video footage which is then displayed on a computer screen. Each session includes a printout of their individual aura, including tips for improvement.

Where did aura machine technology originate?

Dr. Valerie Hunt, a leading researcher at the University of California in Los Angeles, conducted studies using sophisticated methods to record subjects’ aura-energy data while clairvoyants described their aura. She discovered that data frequencies and patterns were indicative of aura colors.

Aura machine technology uses some of those lessons learned combined with a deep understanding of aura and chakra energy to create aura-energetic data graphs and reports to display a person’s chi-energy and aura and chakra state.

Some of the many positive benefits of aura camera devices are:

  • Provide instant easy to understand information on aura-chakra states.
  • Rapid feedback tool for educating clients about changes in aura depictions.
  • Great way to create personalized aura-wellness readings.
  • Log client aura-chakra changes over time and revisit for further analysis and comparison.
  • Compare aura and chakra readings side-by-side. Software allows you to store client aura profiles for later reference.
Sessions include a HD color photo plus 15-page Personal Energy Printout