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Hi, I’m Derek Condit and this is my blog exploring how ‘Everything Is Energy’

  • Making Cosmic Silver Shungite using tiny silver bars & silver coins!

    As far as I know I’m the only person (Derek Condit) who makes ‘Cosmic Silver Shungite’. There are various types of Shungite found on the internet with the word ‘silver’ in their name, but they’re referring to the silver sheen or color (most often Elite/Noble Shungite) of the stone, not actual silver content. I’m not […] Read more

  • You Are Water Class (First Blog Post)

    This is my first ‘Everything Is Energy Blog’ post, and since I was sitting here working on a new class I’m putting together, ‘You Are Water’, I thought I’d mention it here. I’m doing a blog post regarding the class because of all the good information and links I’ll be adding in the upcoming edits […] Read more