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Wearing Shungite

Holli Wyett
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Hi. I just ordered shungite necklaces for my family. Can they wear them all day, every day? Do they need to transition to wearing all day or take some days off? I’ve read some articles that say to wear them only a couple hours a day or don’t wear them at night. 🤷‍♀️ Was hoping they could wear them 24-7 with all the wifi/smart meters we have in our neighborhood. Thanks. 

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Great questions; yes you can wear Shungite jewelry all day, and even while sleeping if desired. There is no need to take days off from wearing Shungite or having it in another form around your body.

Although some people when first being introduced to Shungite can go through a form of 'energy detox'; they may feel a bit off, or woozy for some time, until their energy bodies even out to having less heavy energy around itself. This 'energy detox' will subside usually within a day or so.

Not only myself, but countless others have reported back in one way or another that they are always wearing their Shungite and LOVE it.