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Shungite water beads

Holli Wyett
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Thank you for answering all my questions! I recently purchased shungite water beads. Do I need to boil these first before using for the first time? Also, what can you tell me about shungite water - the benefits, how much/how often we should drink daily etc. Thank you! 

Mystical Wares
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Theres really no need to boil the Shungite Water Beads before using, the silver wire they're wrapped with kills harmful bacteria/virus'. Regarding drinking Shungite water, it's the only water I've consumed for nearly 4 years now, with no adverse effects of any kind. I would not only recommend drinking Shungite water but it's also a good idea for your pets. The Shungite water beads can be kepts in a water pitcher then poured into their bowls if desired.

The benefit of drinking Shungite water or living water is that you'll be giving your body a type of structured water that your body can use daily to rebuild itself. The reasons for drinking a living water such as Shungite water are nearly countless, and far to many to explain here.

We will be expanding our Shungite FAQ webpage in the near future where we'll further explain the benefits. There are already studies/papers on the webpage that may help. We'd also recommend listening to our live video podcast or the archives where this topic is covered from time to time.