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Cleansing and ReCharging Shungite

Holli Wyett
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Hi. Do I need to cleanse and recharge my shungite jewelry that I wear often or the pieces by router or my water beads? If so, what is the best way to do this and how often? Thanks. 

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There is never a need to recharge or even clear Shungite, it's doing this all on it's own. Regardless if the Shungite is in the form of Shungite Water Beads, nuggets or any other shape it'll self-clear itself from any excess energies. We've heard that Shungite needs to be charged by the sun, the moon, needs to be buried, or replaced; none of which are necessary.

We will be updating/expanding our Shungite FAQ page where we've collected many studies, research papers, patents and more regarding the unique qualities of the mineral Shungite.

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