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INTRO TO TAROT: Q & A (w/Lola Singer)

(Free Class)

August 6th 1:00pm – 3:00pm

Are you new to tarot or curious about tarot?

Do you already use tarot cards but feel that there is more to learn? Whether you use tarot cards regularly or have never touched a deck, this event is for you!

Hi, I am Lola Singer. I have been studying tarot for more than 10 years and reading professionally for nearly as long. Like you, I was once new to tarot and a bit afraid to get started. This Question and Answer session is designed to help you get initiated on the journey of inner self-knowledge that tarot provides.

Come with your questions and I will do my best to answer them. For those of you who want to expand your tarot knowledge and go deeper into metaphysics, I will share what I have learned with you, including some myths that need to be debunked. Let’s have fun learning and sharing together.

I will be bringing handouts to help you get started, my favorite deck (The Thoth Tarot) for you to learn from, and ten years of wisdom gained from using tarot regularly. We will even do some one card tarot readings for each other as time allows.

All you need to bring is your curiosity. See you at Mystical Wares!

Light Language Arts

candles, wax melts, florida water

Cree Candles (w/Loni Mitchell)

(Free Class)

August 7th 1:00pm – 3:00pm

Come experience what it’s like to harness the energy of intention and use it to create your own candles with Loni!

As a member of the Chippewa Cree tribe from the Rocky Boy Indian Reservation, Loni wanted to honor her roots while also embracing her own unique vibe.

She will also be sharing her magical approach to “Florida Water” and it’s many uses.

Stop by Mystical Wares for this fun make and take class!!

Cree Candles

2022 Skagit County Fair

August 10th – 13th

Come visit Mystical Wares at this years Skagit County Fair! We’ll be there all 4 days with lot’s of new & interesting items to choose from!

Light Language Drumming Circle (w/Lola Singer & Aleah Francesca)

(Free Class)

August 14th 10:00am – 12:00pm

Bring your voices and instruments! Drums, rattles and anything that makes a joyful noise!
We welcome you.
Aleah and Lola invite you to join us for our next intuitively led community drum circle for people of all ages.
Yes! That means kids are welcome to participate.
Aleah will guide participants by opening the ceremony and initiating the drumming.
Lola will augment with drumming and light language songs.
Additional instruments will be provided.
This event is designed to build community, deepen your spiritual gifts, and express your soul through sound.
Bonus: Mystical Wares will be open for business so you will be able to shop for spiritually uplifting items, too.

Provided by: Light Language Arts

Cosmic Readings (w/Derek Condit, Mari Beckman & Lola Singer)

August 14th 1:00pm – 3:00pm

Join us for an intense, 3-pack powerhouse of intuitive readers joining forces for this special event!

Bring your own questions regarding all things physical or metaphysical, then each energy worker will bring their unique perspectives to share with the group.

Be prepared to hang-on for the ride, you never know what might come through with this collection of frequencies!

Xtra-Dimensional Communications

Ghost/Spirit Adventures (w/Derek & Julissa)

Date: Thursday August 18th

6:00pm – 7:30pm

During this special event, we’ll talk about our upcoming series, Xtra-Dimensional Communications and our first investigation at Northern State Hospital in Sedro Woolley, Washington. 

Bring your stories to share of this local historical site.

Derek will not only bring his own understandings/abilities (psychic/medium/communicator) but also a collection of the latest ‘Ghost Adventures’ gadgets and Energy Devices!

  • Ghost/Spirit Box – Radio frequency sweep scanner and recorder (used to listen/record entities)
  • FLIR Heat Video Recorder (see temperature variations/anomalies)
  • EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) Record audio in HD
  • Geiger Counter (record changes/disruptions in local radiation levels)
  • HD 60 fps Video Recording (record visible anomalies)
  • EMF Meter w/audio – Detects small changes in electromagnetic energy and alerts with lights and sound.
  • Night Vision Monocular (uses advanced infrared technology to see in complete darkness)
  • Experimental Energy Device (scientific device/tool used to perceive an environments orgone energy)
  • Tesla Coil

Metaphysical/Psychic Fair

(no admission fee)

Next Dates: August 20th & 21st

Every other weekend year-round!

Check our online calendar for next dates or view our fair’s webpage to see list of vendors.

Metaphysical/Psychic Fair

(no admission fee)

Next Dates: August 27th & 28th

Every other weekend year-round!

Check our online calendar for next dates or view our fair’s webpage to see list of vendors.

Midgard Viking Festival

September 10th & 11th

Mystical Wares will be a vendor at this local event

The vikings are coming! Midgard Viking Festival will be held

September 10, 2022 9am – 6pm

September 11, 2022 9am – 4:30pm

Ax and knife throwing, sword fighting and other old world skills! Join us for a fun filled time! 

Dowsing Rods Level 2 (w/Derek Condit)

(Free Class)

Date: TBA

During this free class you’ll learn everything from our ‘Intro to Dowsing Rods’ class, in addition to more in-depth training on how to refine what you’re looking for. (ie: if you’re looking for water, ensure it’s potable water, within a particular depth, with a minimum number of gallons per minute, & much more!)

We’ll also explore our to use dowsing rods or pendulums for personal or remote energy field dowsing, then how to apply or use the feedback in beneficial ways.

Note: All attendees will receive their own set of free dowsing rods to take home!

Sasquatch & Other Entities (w/Derek Condit)

(Free Class)


We’ll discuss not only the Sasquatch people (aka Bigfoot) but also a variety of other entities, some incarnate (having physical bodies) and some etheric (using energy bodies only).

In addition we’ll explore some of the entities that reside on what we sometimes refer to as ‘other dimensions’ or ‘levels of reality’.

Enhancing Your Intuition Level 2 (w/Derek Condit)

(Free Class)


An in-depth During this class we’ll explore a variety of ways ‘anyone’ can enhance their own natural intuition (psychic abilities), without using substances. We’re all born with an innate ability to sense the ‘metaphysical reality’ that completely surrounds & encompasses ‘all of us’.

We’ll not only talk about some foods, drinks, substances you might want to avoid when you’re trying to expand your intuition, but explore the ones that may be of benefit as well.

Orgone & Energy Devices (w/Derek Condit)

(Free Class)


Description Coming Soon!

Shungite & Shungite Beehives (w/Derek Condit)

(Free Class)


Description Coming Soon!

Visit our Shungite Beehives webpage to learn more!

More Classes & Events Coming Soon!